Focused Living Retreat Workbook

Living a Life That Counts

By: Terry B Walling
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What Kind of Life Will You Live?

Jesus lived a focused life. He lived his life with a deep sense of mission and purpose. Some would say Jesus was able to do this because he was the Son of God. But is his humanity, Jesus made choices in life. His choice to go to the cross gave each the opportunity to know him, and to live our lives for him. Each of our lives was meant to be lived like His.

We were meant to live beyond mere existence. We also were meant to live lives on purpose. To live live that count. But if we are to live like Christ lived, it will also require of us a series of choices we must make. Jesus invites each of us to discover the good works which he has created for us to do. Surrender is the key that opens the door to these good works. The prize of surrender is the ability to see the new life the Father, Son and Spirit authored on our behalf, before time began.

So we begin with the question: What kind of life will you and I choose to live? Focused Living is personal development process that assists a Christ-follower in discovering and clarifying one’s personal calling statement, which provides a life Compass to navigate the life ahead. Focused Living helps believers uncover that design, and discover how their stories fit into God’s larger, redemptive story. It will provide you with a process and tools to help better understand your calling in this life.