Eye-Popping Bible Lessons for Preschool: Volume 1

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These engaging, age-appropriate Bible lessons captivate preschoolers and keep them excited about God. Each of the 13 imaginative preschool lessons takes about 60 minutes to teach and is packed with games, crafts, activities, songs, and snacks that make Bible learning easy and fun! Eye-Popping Bible Lessons for Preschool is a ready-to-use companion–easily becoming a teacher’s best friend by offering a variety of lessons on timely topics for preschool children.

This children’s ministry resource contains:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions to make teaching a snap
  • Creative preschool Sunday school activities to help teach Bible truths
  • Fun crafts to make learning more active
  • Great preschool games to grab and hold kids’ attention
  • Creative snacks reinforce the lesson
  • Simple preschool Bible songs help kids remember what they learn

With these lessons, you’ll introduce preschoolers to key age-appropriate topics such as:

  • God Loves Me–Who God is and what he means to me
  • I Can Love Others–How God wants us to treat others
  • I Can Love God–How God wants me to share his love

Written by seasoned teachers and children’s ministers, these ready-to-go preschool Bible lessons really work with young children. Simply review instructions, gather the easy-to-find supplies, and watch your preschoolers grow!