Evangelical Convictions 2nd Edition, HC

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Evangelical Convictions seeks to give clarity to the theological convictions contained in the EFCA Statement of Faith – spelling out what is affirmed and what is denied (and what is not addressed). It expounds these convictions – helping the reader understand and appreciate the wonderful truth contained in this Statement of Faith. It speaks clearly but, as much as possible, without technical theological terms so that it can be profitable for all believers, both inside and outside of the EFCA, who need to be grounded in the essentials of the faith.

In this 2nd edition, there are several updates. along with some additions.

  • This consists of a theological exposition of the 2019 Statement of Faith.
  • Article 9 has been thoroughly revised to reflect the theological exposition of Christ’s glorious return and also our broadened understanding/allowance of the millennium, no longer being exclusively premillennial.
  • Updates and some minor additions made to the whole book.

There are also additional appendices included. Based on input received from readers and in response to cultural matters, these appendices make this text stronger.

  • Appendix 1: “Statements of Faith” have been updated to include our 2019 SOF.
  • Appendix 3: The Conference Resolution on “Biblical Sexuality and the Covenant of Marriage” has been added. When the Conference approved this Resolution, it was made clear this decision would make this part of the “theological exposition” of our SOF.
  • Appendix 4: “Doctrinal Rank” provides guidance for how to determine and weigh different doctrines, to enable one to discern between first order, or that which is “of first importance” (1 Cor. 15:3), second order, third order, and “disputable matters” (Rom. 14:1).
  • Appendix 5: “EFCA History” has been added to give a brief overview of the historical background and context of the EFCA.