ESV Junior Teacher Kit

Fall 2022

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Title: God Is Worth Believing

Bible Truths: God Is; God Creates; God Saves; Creation Testifies

Bible Passages: Genesis; Exodus; Job; Psalms; Isaiah; Ezekiel; John; Romans

Course Description: Junior students will cover Genesis 1—9 to learn important lessons about God’s attributes, His creative acts, and His plan to save the world. They will also be challenged to believe in God as they consider evidence for Creation and the Flood.

The Junior teacher kit is an essential part of the new Strong Kids™ curriculum. It contains all the teaching resources and visuals you need as well as a sample of most of the other components of the Junior curriculum. (It does not include the music CD, which is a one-time purchase.) This kit will be the main resource you use in effectively teaching children to know and follow the Lord. Order one kit for each class.

Kit Contents
Teacher Guide
Student Book*
Set of Strong Kids at Home (Take-Home Papers)*
One sheet of recognition stickers*
10″ x 13″ teaching pictures
Resource CD with online download code
DVD of Bible stories
* Order additional copies for classroom use.

Strong Curriculum™ builds stronger churches through teaching all the Scripture to produce spiritually mature believers who measure up to the stature of Christ. Strong Kids for Juniors goes deeper to ground students in their faith and prepare them for their teen years. The overall track is through the Bible, but with different emphases than in the Primary and Middler age groups. For instance, students spend more time on the Ten Commandments, Solomon’s wisdom in Proverbs, and end-time events from Revelation.