Emotional Intelligence Skill-Builders

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources
SKU: W20


Although there is some dispute about what constitutes human intelligence or human emotion (and how it can be successfully measured), this topic suggests that the term emotional intelligence or EQ draws on two simple concepts: intelligence 1) applying knowledge appropriately, and 2) being emotionally astute or tuned in - that is, applying feelings appropriately. Emotional intelligence is driven by two major factors: a person's basic drive or motivation, and the relative structure or flexibility of their thinking about themselves and others.

This 12 page Skill Builder Booklet presents a four style EQ model that both creates awareness about one's own natural tendencies and offers strategies that can be adopted to become more emotionally intelligent and balanced in terms of employing all four styles whenever situations or circumstances are appropriate

This Skill-Builder shows you how to apply the following key action steps:
1. Recognizing your own personality type or style and how both your emotions and your intelligence play a part in how you think and act
2. Understanding your own feelings and behavior as an individual and how these factors are directly linked to one another
3. Learning how to recognize (and then start to work within) your personal strengths and limitations
4. Assessing the personality types, styles or characteristics of other people and the impact these differences have on your own behaviour
5. Balancing your viewpoint in terms of becoming more sensitive to differences in the way that other people behave and react and broadening your competencies to increase your emotional intelligence
6. Reviewing the different people styles that exist, as well as becoming more aware of personal biases or stereotypes and making better efforts to control these