Emotional Intelligence Profile

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
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Success depends on more than just your knowledge, skills, or what we often call intelligence. In both personal and professional life, emotional intelligence (your ability to connect appropriately with other people and the world around you) is crucial to sustained success.

The Emotional Intelligence Profile helps to determine how appropriately and effectively an individual style applies both their knowledge and feelings to a given situation. It aids in understanding your personal emotional intelligence style, preferences and behavior, providing a basis for future developmental activities.

Emotional intelligence is mostly about applying feelings appropriately across a range of situations and experiences. The good news is that our emotional intelligence can grow, as we learn to use different styles with more ease and versatility. The more easily we can shift our style to whichever of the four is most suitable in a given situation, the more emotionally intelligent we become.

The four styles are:
1. Reflective
2. Conceptual
3. Empathetic
4. Organized

Responses to 32 questions, using a five point scale that ranges from True for you to False for you, are recorded on a separate carbon sheet. Scores are then entered on an Emotional Intelligence Style grid, which contains two intersecting axis. The first axis measures Motivation/Drive (ranging from Beliefs to Outcomes), while the other measures Degree of Structure (ranging from Controlled to Experimental).

Interpretive notes are provided for each style and a Personal Action Plan in the back of the booklet helps you commit to learning how to flex to whichever of the four styles is most suitable in a given situation.

To enhance the insights gained from this Instrument and help with the development of the Personal Action Plan we have developed the 12 Page Skill Builder Booklet