Disciplemaking Ministry Guide

For Women in Leadership

By: Resound Now
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Disciplemaking Ministry Guide Resource
Grow the disciplemaking DNA for the next generation of ministry at your church or in your small group with The Disciplemaking Ministry Guide for Women in Leadership.

With close to 300 pages full of how-to articles and guided dialogues, this comprehensive guide for ministry leaders will equip you to:

  • Make disciples who make disciples
  • Explore, evaluate, pray and transition to disciplemaking
  • Navigate the Disciplemaking Pathway
    o Engage pre-Christians
    o Establish believers
    o Equip workers
    o Expand disciplemakersThis is a one-of-a-kind, valuable and practical tool impacting women to multiply disciplemakers for the glory of God.
    “I became acquainted with your Disciplemaking Ministry Guide and believe it’s the best I’ve seen. Your team did an excellent job compiling resources. I especially liked the evaluation section. Our women’s ministry is evaluating and revising our mission statement and the survey questions really get to the heart of disciplemaking. Too often we ask “what do the women want?” or “what do they need?” rather than asking questions that get to the heart of the matter. Even better, you provide a pathway for change! Barbara Hult, Grace Evangelical Church, Indianapolis, IN

    Disciplemaking Pathway Training Event

    Disciplemaking is a hot topic among Christians today and Disciplemaking is for everyone!

    The Disciplemaking Pathway is an interactive presentation that has impacted thousands across the nation. The objective of this one of a kind training answers questions like: What is the difference between discipleship and disciplemaking? How did Jesus make disciples? How can I make disciples if I’ve never been discipled? How do I measure my life or ministry investment to determine whether I am actually making disciples? How can I implement or strengthen the disciplemaking efforts in my life and ministry?

    You can expect to receive a fresh personal and ministry challenge, encouragement and interaction with other like-minded women and even have a bit of fun!

    Ordinary Influence
    The mission field between your feet

    Ordinary Influence is a perfect retreat or 7 hour training event that will equip you to step out in your own shoes, in your own world and in your own God-given way reaching others for Him in a way you never dreamed possible.

    This is what happens when we surrender our everyday, ordinary lives to the power of our extraordinary God!

    Ordinary Influence is simple, doable, out-of-the-ordinary, guilt-free evangelism training written by women for women and designed for women of all ages and stages of life including teens.

    RESOUND NOW is an independent non-profit ministry designed to encourage, equip and release women full of faith and following Jesus as disciplemakers that multiply in their sphere of influence; homes, neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, churches and beyond. Various training modules include: The Disciplemaking Pathway; a framework for designing a balanced transformational ministry, Leadership development, The Rhythm of Intentional Living, Coaching for implementation, Ordinary Influence Evangelism Training and more.
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