Destination Dig Preschool Starter Kit

2021 VBS - Unearthing the Truth about Jesus

By: Lifeway
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LifeWay’s 2021 VBS: Destination Dig: Unearthing the Truth About Jesus takes kids to present-day Israel to become junior archaeologists and study tangible pieces of the past to learn about who Jesus is and why He came. Along the way, they will uncover the truth of Jeremiah 29:13 that God reveals Himself to us when we seek and search for Him with all our hearts.

The items each age group leader needs for teaching are packaged together inside the VBS 2021 Preschool Starter Kit. Simply distribute the bags of curriculum to your age group leaders. Order an additional Leader Guide for each leader and an Activity Book for each child age three through completed kindergarten.

The VBS 2021 Preschool Starter Kit: Babies–Kindergarten contains:


  • One Babies–2s Leader Guide
  • One Babies–2s Leader Pack
  • One Keepsake Book


  • One 3s–Pre-K Leader Guide
  • One 3s–Pre-K Leader Pack
  • One Preschool Activity Book


  • One Kindergarten Leader Guide
  • One Kindergarten Leader Pack
  • One Preschool Activity Book


  • 3s–Kindergarten Rotation Pack
  • Craft Pack sample

Accessories & Gifts

  • Sticky Foam Shapes (one sample of each shape)
  • One Dig Site Tool Set
  • One Preschool Memory Maker

VBS 2021 Preschool Starter Kit

  • One box gets you started with classes for babies–kindergarten
  • Additional resources:
    • VBS 2021 Preschool Memory Maker
    • VBS 2021 Preschool Leader Guide
    • VBS 2021 Directors Kit
    • VBS 2021 Preschool Starter Kit with Digital Leader Guide Add-ons