Creativity & Innovation Skill-Builders

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources
SKU: W19


Human creativity or innovation, a very large and complex subject area, is the subject of considerable debate concerning what it is and how it is applied. One definition holds that to be creative or innovative is to be original, imaginative, expressive, ground-breaking, inventive, and idea-generative. The problem with each of the above labels is that these are context-sensitive or relative terms. In other words, we can only be truly creative if we have an alternative or a different perspective to everyone else, particularly when most people think the same way.

This 12 page Skill Builder Booklet takes a different position to the one stated above. It suggests that every person has the potential to be creative and innovative and that we can therefore all improve our skills in this critical area. This Skill Builder shows you how to apply the following key action steps:

1. Reflecting involves being continually curious, challenging conventional wisdom and asking questions such as "Is this the only way to think about this?"
2. Discovering new or different creative options means trying to break old patterns, working with ambiguity and developing new ways of thinking
3. Connecting various ideas is a foundational step, including developing lateral thoughts and readily extracting ideas from one situation and applying them to another
4. Nurturing ideas is a separate but critical activity to help shape the creative input in positive and enthusiastic ways so that momentum is built
5. Trialing is the important step of putting ideas to the test and then modifying or adjusting them as necessary so that they work well in the broader sense
6. Persisting involves defending the benefits of a new idea over old or traditional ways of thinking about or doing something. It often involves strong advocacy and follow through