Confronting Dysfunction

Leadership Files - Real Solutions for Real Problems - File Number Two

By: Charles Ridley and Steven Goodwin
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Do you want to be healthy?

When asked this question, almost everyone responds with a resounding "Yes!" This is true for individuals, families, social groups, and large organizations. We all desire to be healthy. Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits that come with living the "good life" while avoiding the harmful consequences that come from unhealthiness. However, while we profess an earnest desire to be healthy, our reality is far different. The truth is that few of us are as healthy as we ought to be. Unhealthiness, whether within an individual or among social groupings, is widespread - more so than most people care to see or admit. This unhealthiness, more accurately termed dysfunction, is regrettably a familiar part of our everyday lives.

In essence, where there are people, there is the potential for dysfunction. Unfortunately, even though it is pervasive and exacts a high cost, many Christian leaders do not understand this phenomenon. Yet, they regularly are forced to grapple with dysfunction in their various spheres of ministry and on levels ranging from individuals to factions, whole congregations, and denominations.

We have a twofold purpose in this Leadership File: (a) help leaders understand the nature of human dysfunction and (b) equip them to confront dysfunction. The church has been sent by Jesus Christ to "bind up the brokenhearted," and it has been empowered with the keys to the kingdom. These marching orders compel religious leaders to deliberately confront dysfunction and promote individual and corporate health.