Compassion When Life Hurts

Stories and Helps for Ministry to the Sick

By: Chaplain Richard W. Phillips
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Compassion when LifeHurts is a book you will not want to put down once you begin reading it. Chaplain Richard Phillips writes with refreshing candor and obvious authenticity coupled with complete transparency, as he applies appropriate biblical truths to each of the many and varied situations he meets in his ministry as a  hospital chaplain.

Written in a very relaxed and easy-to-read style, this is much more than the mere record of interactions with people in various states of need and hurt. It is an absolute goldmine of relevant biblical resources and a valuable reference work for anyone with a ministry to the sick, fragile, or who are hurting in life.

This book is really not an expense, it is in fact a truly wonderful investment. The careful study of the many situations described within its pages, will reap a rich dividend in the lives of all those who read it and also in the lives of those who are encouraged and are impacted, as its clear, biblical truths and principles are applied.

Compassion when LifeHurts should be carefully read by every Pastor, Chaplain, Elder and Deacon, and any person who seeks to be a blessing to others.