Communication Effectiveness Profile

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources


Communication impacts on every area of our lives and being an effective communicator involves more than just delivering a message. Ensuring that the person receiving your message interprets it as you intended is just as important as the delivery - and usually more challenging!

This competency based self-assessment is designed to help identify current strengths as well as any areas that require development. It deals with responses in seven sub-categories:

1. Empathizing
2. Receiving
3. Clarifying
4. Understanding
5. Reading non-verbal cues
6. Feedback giving & receiving
7. Transmitting your message

Each category contains 12 statements scored on a five point scale ranging from 'Almost Never' to 'Almost Always' in order to get an aggregate score which is then plotted on a histogram. This method visually shows areas of potential improvement so that efforts to improve communication skills can be concentrated. Interpretive notes are provided for each category as well as notes on the impact that your communication skills have on others and your organization. A Personal Action Plan is provided in the back of the booklet to help you commit to the improvement process.

Although primarily intended as a self-assessment the questions have been worded so this tool can also be used for 180 or 360-degree feedback (by purchasing extra copies of this booklet - one for each respondent).

To enhance the insights gained from this Profile and help with the development of the Personal Action Plan we have developed the 12 Page Skill Builder Booklet