What Jesus Wants You to Know as You Go

By: Marvin J Newell
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It’s not that believers don’t know about the Great Commission; it’s that many don’t know how to go about the Great Commission, states Newell. This book intends to help believers rediscover what Jesus, the author of the Great Commission, said they are to know as they go on mission with him. This fresh look at the five Great Commission passages makes remarkably clear the substance, scope and strategy of God’s redemptive mission to the world. Anyone who reads this book will know with certainty what the Great Commission is really all about. Discover for yourself what YOU can and should be doing when going on mission with Christ.

Topics include:

  • The Model for Mission
  • The Magnitude of the Mission
  • The Methodology for Mission
  • The Message of Mission
  • The Means of Mission
  • Common Questions About the Great Commission