Church + Home

By: Mark Holmen
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Lasting, lifelong faith is rarely taught in church programs but is rather "caught" from a lifestyle of faith lived out at home ... but how can your church equip the home to be the primary place where faith is nurtured rather than being a "drop-off center" for Bible education? By becoming a Faith@Home church. Based on Mark Holmen's foundational book Building Faith at Home, this new revised and expanded edition includes everything you need to weave a Faith@Home focus into the DNA of your church community! Church + Home builds on the ministry concepts Mark has refined through the rapid international growth of the Faith@Home movement. You will learn how to reestablish your church members' homes as the primary incubator for faith by implementing vibrant, effective Faith@Home ministry in your church, no matter its size. You'll also find practical tools for building bridges between your church's programs and member's homes, and hear from pastors, student ministers and lay leaders whose faith communities are making an eternal difference in families' lives. Your church can put faith back where it belongs ... Church + Home shows you how. Find out how your faith community can become a Faith@Home church to grow the next generation of the Body of Christ!