Church – A Bible Study Workbook for Kids

By: Richard E. Todd
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SKU: 9781600661969


Designed especially for kids in grades 2-5!

Church: A Bible Study Wordbook for Kids is a great introduction for children on what church is and why we go.

Ideal as an aide to parents, Sunday school teachers, and children's ministry directors, this book teaches children a number of lessons concerning church, such as:

  • What a church is
  • What happens at church
  • What it means to be a part of a church
  • Who can join a church
  • How to join a church

Designed especially for kids in grades 2–5, this wordbook's activities include a crossword puzzle, maze, coloring page, and true and false questionsAlso illustrated are the activities at church and why they are important.

Altogether, the lessons and activities help children see that church is not the building that we meet in, but that it's a gathering of people who believe in Jesus. They will understand what it means to be a living part of the Church that Jesus built.