Character by God’s Design Volume 4

13 Sunday School Lessons for kids of all ages in one room

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Equip kids with the character qualities they need to each become the person God created them to be. Character by God’s Design is rooted in Scripture and engages kids to grow to be like Jesus.

This third volume of exciting, hands-on Bible lessons explores the three character qualities of courage, wisdom and loyalty. Kids will explore each character quality in memorable lessons that reinforce God’s foundational plan for a fruitful Christian life.

This is volume 4 of 6 total volumes.

What’s Included:

  • 13 Bible lessons that focus on three character qualities:
  • Courage – doing the right thing even when I’m afraid
  • Wisdom – using my knowledge to follow God
  • Loyalty – remaining faithful
  • DVD with videos that tie into the lessons and help reinforce what kids learn.