Change Management Skill-Builders

By: Worldwide Center for Organizational Development
Vendor: ChurchSmart Resources
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One of the key life competencies required of people today, in all kinds of different situations, is the ability to anticipate and respond effectively to change. By demonstrating effective change agent skills, we will be able to lead ourselves, individuals and groups in implementing actions that enable vision to be transformed into reality.

Change management is a large and complex topic. To help us to navigate our way through this subject, we will use a six step approach to change management: Identify, Involve, Inform, Initiate, Implement and Review. This system can be followed as a personal or organisational process helping people walk through major life changes at work or at home.

This 12 page Skill Builder Booklet shows you how to apply the following key action steps:
1. Identifying the key issues that relate to coping with and then managing change, including the context of the change and the concerns that you or others may have
2. Involving all the stakeholders affected by a significant change situation, especially formal and informal leaders
3. Informing and keeping people who are affected by a change up-to-date on the progress of the change being undertaken
4. Initiating the actions that are usually needed to manage change well, including taking a firm lead, forming teams and setting up change support systems
5. Implementing a robust and ongoing communication plan (often involving collaboration with early change adopters)
6. Reviewing areas of resistance so that these can be effectively managed and any new skills or behaviours that people need to learn can be identified