Catalyze Coaching Workbook

Kenotic Conversations for Growth and Change

By: Dr Stephen Shaffer
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Coaching offers a dynamic perspective to conversations that will change the way you think about helping relationships and leadership. For those that want to find powerful ways to help others move forward, discover purpose, and experience growth - coaching gives you the foundation and skill to work with people from a fresh perspective. Coaching helps organizational leaders develop powerful growth focused cultures that aim high, plan effectively, stay focused, and steadily improve. Coaching integrates leadership development into every conversation, preparing people for the next level.

Catalyze Coaching will train with both the foundations of coaching and the skills for powerful conversations. Becoming a coach requires new ways of thinking about helping relationships, intentionally setting aside your agenda, diagnosis, and advice to allow God's work in others to be fully realized. In a Catalyze Coaching program, you will learn to listen effectively, understand the structure and dynamics of conversations, and ask powerful questions within an authentic relationship that maximizes progress.

The Catalyze Coaching Workbook is the perfect companion to Catalyze Coaching and together they form the foundation of Catalyze Coach training programs. The workbook follows Catalyze Coaching chapter by chapter and leverages our decades of experience training coaches to accelerate your coaching transformation. Each chapter will include the following:

  • Summary - Recaps the corresponding chapter in Catalyze Coaching to solidify core ideas and principles and provide a quick reference.
  • Think Like a Coach - Discussion and exercises to solidify the cognitive and attitudinal transformations that are part of becoming a coach. Each exercise focuses on the common inner and outer challenges of the journey to become a great coach.
  • Exercises - A curated collection of activities that sharpen skills, clarify content, and accelerate your coaching development.
  • Coaching Toolbox - Carefully planned assignments and exercises that produce resources for you to use in your coaching practice.

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