Bug Zone VBS Starter Kit – NKJV

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Bug Zone: Transformed by Our Big God VBS Starter Kit - NKJV

by Regular Baptist Press

Students will be challenged with life stories of people who were transformed by God. People like Joshua, Gideon, Naomi, Zacchaeus and Saul had life -changing experiences with God. Bug Zone challenges student to obediently follow God's leading; to bravely trust His promises, power and presence; and to obey Him inhard times. Believing in Jesus as Savior transforms our lives so that we want to live to please God and tell others how God can change them too!

Kit complete with Leader's Guides, Music CD, Resource and Decorating CDs, posters, craft items and more!

Day 1 - Changed: Joshua   -  God's presence and power gives us courage and strength to obey him.

Day 2 - Changed: Gideon  -  God can change us to be servants who are ready to do His will.

Day 3 - Changed: Naomi and Ruth  -  God's love for us gives us joy no matter what happens to us.

Day 4 - Changed: Zacchaeus  -  Our obedience is evidence of God's transforming power in us.

Day 5 - Changed: Saul of Tarsus  -  God's message of salvation should be shared with everyone.