Body Aches

Experiencing and Responding to God's Discipline of Your Church

By: Kenneth Quick
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Why does our church seem to experience constant pain?

No believer walks too far along the narrowing path of discipleship without discovering experientially why 'disciple' and 'discipline' come from the same root. While there have been many books written on Spiritual Disciplines (primarily focusing on personal spiritual habits), there is very little written about God's discipline of an entire church body. You may ask:

  • Why does our church struggle with the same problems over and over?
  • Why should we experience pain leading the one community on the planet which should be marked with love, peace and unity?

Body Aches gives the proper diagnosis to churches that are in pain and can't understand why they struggle. Many pastors will recognize their congregations and themselves in the characteristics the author defines. Leaders will see that it isn't a program or a particular person standing between them and healthy ministry. Instead, churches, pastors and leaders may understand for the first time that Jesus has something to say to them as a church. Indeed, He has been speaking to your church for some time.