Bk 8 – Beginning Your Mission With God

Men With No Regrets Book 8

By: Steve Sonderman
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Book 8 - Beginning Your Mission with God

Prepare to understand God's plans to use you to expand and train His team.


  • LESSON ONE - Everyman: Made for Mission
  • LESSON TWO - The Story?: God's Mission for the World
  • LESSON THREE - Your Mission: Move Out into The World
  • LESSON FOUR - Join with God: Discover your Mission
  • LESSON FIVE - It's Game Time: The Man God Uses
  • LESSON SIX - The Mandate: Go Make Disciples
  • LESSON SEVEN - Practical Principles: How to Invest in Eternity
  • LESSON EIGHT - Life Plan: The Man with No Regrets Required Supplemental Book
    Transforming Discipleship
    by Greg Ogden