Bk 7 – Believing and Knowing the Truth

Men With No Regrets Book 7

By: Steve Sonderman
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Book 7 - Believing and Knowing the Truth

Solidify your faith as you learn the reasons why to believe what you believe.


  • LESSON ONE - The Word of God: It's Revelation and Scripture
  • LESSON TWO - God Himself: Who Is He?
  • LESSON THREE - The Consequence of Sin: How Did Man Fall?
  • LESSON FOUR - The Person of Jesus: Fully God & Fully Man
  • LESSON FIVE - The Work of Christ: The Power of the Cross
  • LESSON SIX - The Holy Spirit: Power From The Living God
  • LESSON SEVEN - The Church: Christ Alive in the World
  • LESSON EIGHT - The End Times: When Will Christ Return?Required Supplemental Book


    Know What You Believe by Paul E. Little