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Bk 5 – Becoming a Man of Influence

Men With No Regrets Book 5

By: Steve Sonderman
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Book 5 – Becoming a Man of Influence

Identify your spiritual gifts and create change as a servant leader.


  • LESSON ONE – Looking for Power? Love Like Jesus
  • LESSON TWO – Want to Be Remembered? Start By Serving
  • LESSON THREE – Need More Strength? God’s Given You Gifts
  • LESSON FOUR – Just A Spectator? Stand Up and Act
  • LESSON FIVE – Evangelism? It’s Not a 4-Letter Word
  • LESSON SIX – Feeling Ineffective? Leave Your Comfort Zone
  • LESSON SEVEN – Got a Story? Make A Connection
  • LESSON EIGHT – Ready To Influence? Tell God’s StoryRequired Supplemental Books

    Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels

    What’s So Spiritual About Your Gifts by Henry Blackaby