Bk 4 – Bringing God to Work with You

Men With No Regrets Book 4

By: Steve Sonderman
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Book 4 - Bringing God to Work With You

Study how to keep your integrity, find balance and serve others on the job.


  • LESSON ONE - Created to Work: Blessing or Curse?
  • LESSON TWO - Integrity Matters: Keeping Your Ethical Edge
  • LESSON THREE - Job Duty: Serving God and Others
  • LESSON FOUR - Finding a Balance: Profession or Obsession?
  • LESSON FIVE - Money Management: God Owns Everything
  • LESSON SIX - Standard of Giving: You Can't Take It with You
  • LESSON SEVEN - Measure of Success: Treasures in Heaven
  • LESSON EIGHT - Adversity: Turning Failure into Eternal Success
    Required Supplemental Books
    A Man's Guide to Work by Patrick Morley