Bk 3 – Being the Man God Created You to Be

Men With No Regrets Book 3

By: Steve Sonderman
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Book 3 - Being the Man God Created You to Be

Learn how God defines masculinity and become the man He created you to be.


  • LESSON ONE - Masculine Meltdown: Battling a Cardboard Goliath
  • LESSON TWO - True Identity: Discovering Yours in Christ
  • LESSON THREE - All Men Have Them: Wounds of the Past
  • LESSON FOUR - The Broken Man: Let God Heal You
  • LESSON FIVE - Man's Best Friends: Doing Life Together
  • LESSON SIX - Sexual Purity: Releasing the Grip of Secret Sin
  • LESSON SEVEN - A Clear Mission: Evaluate Your Life
  • LESSON EIGHT - The Anger Dragon: Handle It or Be Handled