Bk 2 – Building Your Spiritual Muscle

Men With No Regrets Book 2

By: Steve Sonderman
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Book 2 – Building Your Spiritual Muscle

Explore the spiritual disciplines God uses to train and work out His team.


  • LESSON ONE – Heaven’s Champion: Becoming More Like Christ
  • LESSON TWO – God’s Workout Plan: Going into Strict Training
  • LESSON THREE – Fire Power from Above: Unleashing the Holy Spirit
  • LESSON FOUR – Run into His Presence: Moving Forward On Your Knees
  • LESSON FIVE – The Winning Advantage: Practicing Daily in the Word
  • LESSON SIX – Strength in Silence: Encountering the Father Alone
  • LESSON SEVEN – Exercise a Feast: Filling up on Holy Food
  • LESSON EIGHT – Push Through the Pain: Suffering that Produces Endurance
    Required Supplemental Books

    The Life You’ve Always Wanted
    by John Ortberg