A Bible Study Wordbook for Kids

By: Richard E. Todd
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Designed especially for kids in grades 2-5!

The Baptism wordbook is part of a series that is most beneficial when used in conjunction with the other wordbooks in the series: Salvation, Church, Giving and Communion. Baptism provides an excellent introduction to children who are curious about the idea of becoming baptized. This book explains why someone may be baptized: to show others that they have joined God’s family! Also illustrated are detailed descriptions of how someone is baptized and by whom. To a child curious about this unique and special opportunity to tell others about his or her faith, this booklet is a perfect guide. Perhaps most importantly, this wordbook presents the child with the question of whether or not they are in fact ready to be baptized. Activities include a crossword puzzle, word search, coloring page, quiz and “Certificate of Spiritual Birth.”