All Together Now Vol 3

13 Sunday School Lessons When You Have Kids of All Ages in One Room

By: Lois Keffer
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Take your kids of all ages on a personal journey with Jesus!

They’ll be fascinated by these remarkable lessons on Jesus’ last week on earth, his resurrection and ascension, and his followers’ miraculous adventures in Acts. Kids will grow closer to God and learn invaluable truths with All Together Now, Volume 3.

Whether the children in your combined class are age 4, 12, or anything in between, these 13 interactive lessons for Spring will help kids experience the wonder and adventure of the Bible.

They’ll learn unforgettable lessons such as:

  • No matter what happens, God’s timing is perfect.
  • Praying can help us stand strong.
  • Jesus shows us the right path.
  • …and many more.

With step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to lead your children on a journey through the Gospel of John and Acts. Their lives will never be the same!