AE Multi-Level 12 Unit TG, 2nd Edition

Adventures in English Multi-Level 12 Unit Teacher Guide

By: Adventures in English
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Format: Revised and Updated


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12 Unit, Multi-Level Teacher Guide

Adventures in English Multi-level Curriculum is a flexible curriculum designed to be used in either ongoing church-based programs or for international short-term ministries. The book provides sample lesson plan templates for both situations and a sample unit plan for church-based programs.

The twelve theme-based units allow the flexibility of choosing from three different levels, indicated as: (B): Beginning, (I): Intermediate or (A): Advanced. A Placement Assessment is provided in the Appendix to help determine the ability levels of the students.

A strength of this curriculum is that it is activity based, which expedites “learning by doing.” There are no student textbooks or workbooks, making the curriculum especially cost effective.

The twelve-unit, multi-level teacher’s guide focuses on English conversation skills, cultivated through discussions that introduce new vocabulary and activities that get students engaged in applying what they have learned. Each unit also provides grammar, writing, and idiom practice.

For students with no English background at all, we recommend the Adventures in English Entry-Level curriculum.  

These books can be combined with the separate Adventures in English Bible Reading & Conversation teacher’s guide.  The Bible Reading and Conversation guide has twelve Bible-based lessons related to the themes in Adventures in English Multi-Level Curriculum or Adventures in English Entry-Level Curriculum. The teacher’s guide includes reading lessons for two levels of reading ability. Each lesson includes whole class and individual reading activities, comprehension and reinforcement activities, as well as spiritual application questions.