Adult Power For Living (Take-Home/13 issues)

Spring 2022

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A full-color weekly take-home paper that has proven an exciting tool for both personal growth and evangelism. With life-related stories of faith, Power for Living connects God’s truth to real life.

This weekly take-home paper for adults is filled with inspiring articles about Christians-both famous and unfamiliar-whose insights demonstrate following Christ. Featuring reports on unique ministries, world missions, spiritual trends, and issues that affect families. Includes stories that are written by or about well-known authors on key faith concepts, social concerns, prayer, and much more. Well-suited as a church bulletin insert or for outreach within the community.


  • Thirteen articles about Christians whose insights demonstrate following Christ
  • Nested weekly papers
  • Flexible for use by visitors, shut-ins, and prisoners or as an outreach tool

Order one per student. Not exclusively a Scripture Press curriculum resource.