Adult Leader’s Guide – Our God Reigns

Fall 2022

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Life Design is a through-the-Bible curriculum that encourages adults to build their lives on the Word of God. Each study is designed to help busy adult learners do inductive Bible study on their own or in groups and to practice God's Word in practical, effective ways.

  • Thirteen three-step lesson plans for use in a classroom setting
  • Biblically sound commentary, effective teaching methods, and practical application ideas
  • Correlates with questions in the Adult Bible study book

Title: Our God Reigns

Bible Passage: Daniel

Course Description: Our God Reigns àchallenges learners to trust our sovereign God. This study presents the book of Daniel with an emphasis on God's control both in the lives of specific kings and in the course of history. Learners will come away from this course with a deep trust in their God.