ABC2 Grades 4 & 5 Teacher Kit Unit 3

Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition

By: Answers in Gensis
Vendor: Answers in Genesis
ISBN: 15-3-120
SKU: 15-3-120


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Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition Unit 3

Take your 4th and 5th graders on a chronological journey through the Bible with faith-strengthening apologetics and a strong focus on Jesus. Not only do kids get answers to their hard questions, they also get a big-picture overview of biblical history, from Genesis to Revelation! Exciting object lessons, skits, songs, and games help set children on a lifelong trek of discovery of the truth of God’s Word.

Kit Includes

  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Take Home Sheets (set for 1 student)
  • Lesson Theme Posters
  • Memory Verse Posters