A Light Unto My Path

An Approach to Daily Bible Reading

By: Rev. George Allen
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Those who follow this schedule of daily Bible readings will read through the entire New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs every year, and the rest of the Old Testament in three years. Each day’s reading consists of one or two chapters of the Bible, a modest but steady commitment which, when coupled with daily prayer, provides a structure for an enriching daily devotional life, either alone or with other family members.

This program differs from some Bible reading programs in that the whole Bible is read rather than just selections; passages are not chosen on the basis of political correctness or an ideological agenda, but every word of scripture is included. Unlike some other "through the Bible in a year" programs, on the other hand, greater weight is given here to the New Testament than to the Old, as seems appropriate for Christian readers, and the daily assignments are somewhat shorter as a result of taking three years to read the Old Testament.

The Psalms and Proverbs, however, are read each year because of their special nature and value as devotional material. The proverbs are parceled out a few each day throughout the year and are arranged according to general topics, such as finances, rewards, honesty, etc.

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