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Seven Pressing Questions seeks to address the most pressing questions that confront Christians and skeptics alike. In addressing these questions the author seeks not only to peak to the skeptics, but also to equip & encourage Christians in their own walk of faith.

Includes discussion questions at the end of the book for small groups.

Questions addressed:

  • Is Belief in God Rational?
  • Who Was Jesus and How Can We Know?
  • Is Jesus the Only Way?
  • Why Should We Believe the Bible?
  • Why Would a Good God Allow So Much Suffering?
  • How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
  • Isn’t the Church Just Full of Hypocrites?

“Bill Kynes offers responses that treat questions with respect, that pitch answers with intelligent substance without swamping readers in a wash of details, and above all, get across the gospel…” -D. A. Carson

“Kynes urges us to get real – to confront the most serious challenges to Christian faith, and then to believe in more reality, not less, in particular the reality made known about God, the world, and ourselves in the biblical testimony to the person and work of Jesus Christ.” -Kevin J. Vanhoozer

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