100 Days of Hope

Igniting Your Passion for God

By: Royal Speidel
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Life is uncertain. We live in a world threatened by terrorism, unpredictable weather patterns, and undiscovered diseases. Some people worry about broken relationships, personal addictions, or financial concerns. Many people live with fear dominating their lives.

Where do people turn when life seems out of control? How do they deal with the anxiety and fear?

Some turn to God. They find peace and hope for the challenges of life in the words and the life-stories of people in the Bible. Hope can stabilize the soul like an anchor by linking it to the steadfastness of God and the promises found in scripture.

100 Days of Hope is a short devotional designed to help you ignite your spiritual passion for God, find answers to some of the challenges life has thrown your way and help you develop the habit of reflecting on the wisdom God offers to us. You are invited into this spiritual adventure and we pray you will find hope for life's journey each day!